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The Hottest Short Shorts and Daisy Dukes Worn by Celebrities

Sexy Short Shorts and Daisy Dukes

Sexy Short Shorts or Daisy Dukes are a favorite of celebrities wardrobes.

Not only are these sexy short shorts perfect for displaying those sexy celebrities legs in the spring and summer but most celebrities are wearing their sexy short shorts year round.

In the fall and winter months, celebrities pair their short shorts or Daisy Dukes with knee high or thigh high boots or boots and sexy, colorful leggings. During the spring and summer months, celebrities may shed their boots for flip floops or even a bare foot look.

Celebrities also favor those worn, ripped and faded looks in their jeans. Luckily, designers have been able to create the faded and washed look in a brand new pair of cut off jeans. Now you can ware those faded and worn Bohemian retro fashion look that celebrities and sexy, fashion conscious women want to ware.

We have put together a section of some of the sexiest short shorts cut off short, so you can easily add a sexy pair to your own celebrities wardrobe.

So give your legs a treat, treat them to a sexy pair of short-shorts or hot pants.

Fabulous Club Sexy Wear Shorts

Price: $31.49

Spandex Net Crop Top And Matching Booty Shorts

Spandex Net Crop Top And Matching Booty Shorts

Price: $16.99


Lace Beach Shorts

Lace Beach Shorts 7713


Lace Beach Shorts 7713

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